Sunday, 15 March 2015

Prototype Designing Competition at KIIT Campus Bhubaneswar - "Digital Marketing in Online Shopping"

The main purpose of Prototype Designing competition was to create better user experience in #OnlineShopping with zero redundancy. Brainstorm on what are the advantages and drawbacks of OnlineMarketing and think on ideas to overcome those drawbacks and improve user's experience in online shopping. 

I was amazed experiencing the creative ideas by KIITs Students towards their views, opinions and suggestion in Online Shopping to help innovate a better User experience online.

At last, Congratulations to all the teams irrespective of who won or not, for your brilliant ideas. To be frank, I learned a lot from your pictorial presentations, designs, discussions, and the best being, Working as Great Team to complete this task in 2 Hours Time.

Student Workshop on "Digital Marketing in Online Shopping" prototype competition

All the Best for Your Future. Lets' Keep Connected.

Thanks to Shubhendu Kumar Bhavna Sinha Akash BhatUjjwalkausaj Verma Surabhi Sinha Surbhi Prakash Chitrali Singh Swastii Ray Thanks to Google Student Community KIIT allow me to discuss with this 90+ participants in showcasing their innovative ideas and talent. 

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